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About Stone Bridge Reentry Services

Long Term Vision

Our long term vision is to purchase or build housing for formerly incarcerated men and women. Participants will live in the house and participate in substance use disorder treatment, psychotherapy, family counseling, case management, workshops, and community service. Wrap-around services will bridge the gap between incarceration and community, therefore supporting successful reentry.

Short Term Vision

Our short term vision is to provide regular reentry groups. These groups would consist of check ins and problem solving, evidence based workbooks, and weekly topics navigating reentry. Meals would be provided. 

We have also provided bus tokens, Wi-Fi phones (when donated), and clothing and furniture vouchers for stores like St. Vincent's, Goodwill, Idaho Youth Ranch, and OUI. 

What We've Done So Far

So far, we have provided safe and sober housing through hotel vouchers, clean and sober living houses, and Oxford houses, provided food bags, provided bus tokens, assisted in paying for substance use disorder treatment, provided clothing vouchers, provided Wi-Fi phones, and created a Facebook page where people can connect. 

Hope for the Future

We have done so much, but there is so much we want to do! We cannot do so without help from the community. Please, donate today through our website or at a fundraiser in the future! You can also spread the word about our organization by liking us on Facebook and sharing our website with others!

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